The ABR curators have been carefully monitoring little CranBeary Bear. Since the triplets were released into Wild Enclosure #3, CranBeary has been busy and we’ve seen him choose to sleep in the rock den, which he expanded by digging deeper. We have also seen him take up residence in the culvert den near the Acclimation Pen. In fact, his two siblings joined him in that cozy den a couple of days ago. The one thing that no one has seen him do is to climb a tree. As we know, tree-climbing is a very important part of a bear cub’s daily life, so the curators have focused on the videos that are taken 24 hours a day in the enclosure. The videos have been shared with the vets at UT, and as a result CranBeary was moved back into the Hartley House. Curators Tori, Coy, and Bailey did a live video about CranBeary and his move back to the Hartley House, and we present it for you here.


We will let you know what the vets say, hoping that there is nothing life-threatening that is causing his problems. CranBeary has become a favorite of ABR supporters, and we all are hoping for a good resolution to this puzzling situation.