There are three cubs who recently entered an enclosure and are not yet quite friends. The two brothers, Cricket and Sprout who were rescued a few days ago, and one of the siblings rescued the next day (Caramel) whose brother is still in the Hartley House. Here is how the three are going about getting acquainted.

Caramel is a pretty and healthy little girl cub.

She is interested in the two boy cubs.

Cricket and Sprout are not quite sure what to make of her. We have often seen this kind of dynamic unfold.

They played “I see you” from behind trees.

Caramel stood up and the brothers scurried up a tree – she was scary!

Caramel climbed a nearby tree – uh-oh, she’s closer!

A storm toppled a tree that fell on a fence. The curators had to remove it, to prevent cubs from escaping, as two sisters did a few years ago.

The cubs in that enclosure cooperated by climbing trees on the other side.

All six of the cubs came down later to forage together.

Caramel’s brother, Puddin’ Bear, is doing better in Hartley House.

So far he is eating well and is not too stressed by his confinement so far.

Doodlebug examines her foot.

She reached a big milestone – she climbed high in a tree! Watching the other two cubs, and learning from them as she tried to keep up has made a big difference in her ability to climb! Hooray for Doodlebug!

We must give credit, too, to Baby-Not-A-Polar-Bear, who was Doodlebug’s best friend when she first arrived (weighing just over three pounds). BNAPB is retiring to the ABR Visitor Center at Trillium Cove. If you stop in you will be able to see this heroic little stuffie.

New things keep happening every day. Check back so you don’t miss any news about the cubs!