On August 11, 2023 ABR received another cub, #385. The male cub was picked up by a woman traveling in nearby Sevier County, who found the cub who had been hit by a car. The cub was unconscious, but nevertheless that was a very dangerous action for the woman to take. It would have been far better for her to have called TWRA to report the unconscious cub. A wild animal can suddenly awaken and pose a grave danger to the rescuer!

Fortunately, ABR Exec. Director Dana Dodd was able to contact TWRA and was permitted to accept the injured cub from the woman. She then took him to UTCVM where he was examined. He weighs a very healthy 39.68 pounds. He suffered a concussion in the accident and has a hairline fracture of his lower left jaw. Nicknamed Turnip Bear, he was taken to The Recovery Center where he will be restricted to a soft foods diet for at least a week. He was given a shot of long-lasting antibiotics and is taking meloxicam and deworming medicine. Here is a photo taken during his exam at UT.

Turnip Bear is much larger than recent arrivals.

Stay tuned for updates on him as well as the other thirteen cubs in residence, and please remember – if you should ever find an injured wild animal, DO NOT pick it up! Call your local wildlife agency or police department!