Fourteen is quite a large number, when it refers to little bear cubs. Here are some of the latest incidents in their lives at ABR.

Here is Sprout, who is still on the lookout for the girl bear in his enclosure (to avoid her).

He and his brother seem to be debating (maybe they are trying to decide if she is really as bad as it seems).

Caramel is the girl bear in question. She looks friendly and harmless,

They could take a lesson from Tater and Doodlebug, who have become friends since moving outside.

Here is the busiest enclosure, with six cubs all foraging for food. They get along just fine.

Betsy Ross gives a big yawn.

Then she curls up to take a nap.

Her sister is foraging with the others.

Here’s another member of the cub crowd – Burrito!

Volunteers who picked fruit for the cubs. Thanks to all!

A “Caramel Apple.” Yummy!

Exec. Director Dana Dodd makes Cubby Sauce out of a variety of fruits. The cubs like it, especially the two who are still confined indoors, Puddin’ and Turnip.

Turnip sleeps after eating some Cubby Sauce in The Recovery Center.