Marvin is the smallest of the ABR cubs in the Wild Enclosure, but he is a feisty cub and is not intimidated by the largest cub, Ridgeway!  This video is like a peek into the cubs’ world as you might see it in the wild.  The two cubs engage in a play-fight, wrestling match in the cool undergrowth in the Wild Enclosure.  The fact that they are in the undergrowth makes it harder to watch the action, but we catch glimpses of the two as they tussle with each other.  You may notice that they play silently – no growling and snarling as we might expect.  Cubs in the wild are very quiet as they go about their activities.  It stands to reason that if they were noisy it would attract attention to their location, and that is something they don’t want to do.  Mother bears teach their cubs to be very quiet in order to stay safe.  Click here to watch the cubs at play.