Nettles and Her New Digs

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Yesterday we shared the introduction of Nettles to the Cub House. Her first night there went well. The curators want her to become acclimatized to the cooler temperatures, since there is no heat as there was in the climate-controlled Hartley House.She is a good little bear who took her time getting into the new space.

She entered cautiously, staying put for quite a while.

One of the resident female cubs was curious and came to visit, but Nettles wasn’t in sight.

She inched her way further into the room,

About 20 minutes later, she ventured out through the door and made her way slowly down the ramp into the Acclimation Pen.

This picture shows how she entered the Acclimation Pen.

She found two important items – the food wheel and the water bowl.

Of course she looked for a way out, and though she didn’t find one, she settled down to sleep by the gate into Wild Enclosure #4.

Early in the morning, Nettles resumed her exploration of the pen.

She raked the straw. This was more familiar to her than the bed inside that she couldn’t rake.

Time to practice her climbing skills!

She climbed easily to the platform above.

A few minutes later she came down. Nothing noteworthy up there, and no way out, either.

Back in the Hartley House, Nettles’ buddies in the Toy Brigade are ready for their laundry session, to get ready for next time.

And finally,

We wish our 14 cubs a happy 10-month birthday, and Heather, our Yearling, a happy 22-month birthday! And a happy birthday to any and all bears on this momentous occasion in their lives!