Nettles is Really Outside!

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As you know, Nettles Bear has been in the Cub House and adjoining Acclimation Pen for a few days. She started to show that she didn’t like being so close to the trees but unable to climb them. She showed this by pacing, a classic sign of distress in bears and other animals.

Nettles paced in the Acclimation Pen.

So it was decided that she should be given access to the outdoors. The gate was lifted.

She walked to the gate and looked out.

Sniff sniff – her nose was working overtime!

Nettles stepped out onto the grass. She was free!

She walked to a nearby tree and started to climb.

Nettles looked like a magnet on the tree!

The other cubs, her future friends, perhaps, climbed up trees. They weren’t sure if she was “friend or foe.”

Nettles settled on a branch of the tree to scope out her new digs.

She looks like a happier bear!

Curator Bailey caught an image through the monocular lens. It does seem to show a happy little bear cub!

We wonder how long it will take for the other four cubs to adjust and warm up to their new companion. Watch this space to find out!