Big Day for Nettles!

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It’s been almost a month since Nettles Bear was admitted to ABR. She has spent the month in the Hartley House, eating and sleeping and trying to catch up with the bigger cubs in the Wild Enclosures. When she arrived, Nettles weighed just 18.73 pounds, quite small for a cub of her age, and much smaller than the other cubs at ABR. Today was a Big Day, as she was moved out of the Hartley House and into the Cub House!

She had all of her toys in bed with her. It was time for her to have some real cub companions.

Curator Coy checked the Acclimation Pen to make sure it would be safe for Nettles.

Nettles is in the other room of Hartley House, and the transport carrier is up against the door.

Curator Coy encourages Nettles to go through the door into the carrier.

The curators moved the carrier to the Release Staging Building, so they could weigh the cub. Nettles weighs 33.2 pounds! An impressive weight gain in a month!

Ready to go to the Cub House. She expressed her opinion of the move.

The carrier is lifted into the Cub House.

Nettles enters Room 1.

She tries to climb the painted trees on the wall.

Then she tried to open the door (smart little bear!)

It’s been too much for her. She fell asleep in the corner. Nettles can explore later .

When she wakes up, she can go into Room 2.

She can also go into the Acclimation Pen, where she will be able to see and smell the outdoors and the cubs who are already there.

Watch this space to see what happens next!