Moving Day!

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Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway have made good progress since arriving at ABR just 2 weeks ago.  The curators decided that they were ready for a move into the big outdoor Acclimation Pen. This was a rather involved process and took both curators to perform the necessary steps.  It will take more than one post for us to report it to you.  This first sequence of photos shows the preparations in the Cub Nursery.

Two cubs

The cubs are going to move!

You may notice that Ridgeway’s ears show the effects of his sister sucking on them.  Just like human infants, cubs need to suck for comfort, and they often suck on each others’ ears.  Ridgeway prefers to suck his paw.

Curator Janet and Bonnie Blue

Curator Janet gets Bonnie Blue ready to be weighed.

The cubs were weighed for the last time until their release day.  There will be no more handling of the cubs now until the wildlife officers come to get them ready for release back to the wild.

Curators Coy and Janet

Curators Coy and Janet prepare to check weights.

weighing first cub

First cub is weighed.

The empty carrier was weighed first so that the cub’s weight can be determined.  Both of our little bears have gained a good amount of weight.  If you recall they were just about 3 pounds when they arrived.  Now, Bonnie Blue weighs 5.3 pounds and Ridgeway weighs a whopping 6.5 pounds!

Riding to the new pen

Riding to the eir new temporary home!

With the preparations in the Cub Nursery completed, it is time for the cubs to take a ride to their new pen.  Curious Bonnie Blue is looking to see where they are going.  All of this must be very strange for them.

Check back tomorrow to see the next chapter in this story – what happens when they arrive in their new digs and how they react.