More Cub Updates

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We have a good set of photos today, of Snowflake Bear in the Cub Nursery, and of several of the cubs in Wild Enclosures.  There was some shuffling of rooming arrangements during the last couple of days and we’ll try to sort it out for you.

First, we visit Snowflake Bear in the Cub Nursery, where she is doing as well as can be expected.  She is lapping all of her formula and her elimination is normal.  Both of these are good signs.


Snowflake in the Cub Nursery.

Next we visit Milo Bear in the Acclimation Pen.  We can see his bare tummy that was shaved for his recent vet visit.  He is doing much better, and when he is ready he will join Zellie and Happy Bear in their Wild Enclosure.


Milo in the Acclimation Pen for Wild Enclosure 3.

Looking out at Wild Enclosure 3, here is Zellie Bear resting in a tree.


Zellie Bear snoozes in a tree.

Here is Happy Bear in another tree.


Happy Bear is living up to his name now.

Over in Wild Enclosure 1, Otis was released from his Acclimation Pen into that enclosure.  We see him looking at the pen he used to be living in, but we don’t think he’s homesick for it.  Little bears need to have space and trees.


Otis looks in at the pen where he used to be.

The curators decided to move Acorn and Herbie Bear from Wild Enclosure 4 to WE2, where the cubs are more nearly the same size.  Herbie moved in the truck.

Herbie moves

Herbie Bear had a ride to his new enclosure .

Here are a few of his new enclosure-mates.


Gamble Bear grabs a pear.


Gamble takes a bite.

Derby is seen strolling through the enclosure.


Derby Bear takes a walk – probably looking for tasty treats.

Pumpkin Bear is up in a tree.


Pumpkin Bear.


Tedford is way up there!

Here is the aerial view of the facility, so you can more easily tell where the cubs are now living.


Aerial view of ABR with enclosures labeled.