Snowflake, Milo, and Others

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We have a photo of Snowflake, who is doing well in the Cub Nursery.  She turned over food bowls, perhaps an indication that she wants more food, but as we’ve said before, the curators must be very cautious in feeding her.  She has had a little applesauce mixed into her formula, and seemed to like that.  The curators are hoping to mix her meds into the applesauce soon, if all goes well.


Snowflake in the Cub Nursery.

Milo Bear is doing well in his outdoor Acclimation Pen.  He likes to be up on the platform, as seen in this photo.  Milo is enjoying applesauce mixed into his formula, and some pear and pecan pieces have been added.  He picks out the pears and pecans, leaving some of the rest for later.


Here is Milo Bear on his platform.

Moving outside to the Wild Enclosures, we find that the cubs spend a lot of time in trees.  Although these cubs are still in delayed hyperphagia some of the conditions that trigger hibernation, such as shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures, are definitely in place.  These conditions cause the cubs to be less active than they might be otherwise.

Here is a tree in Wild Enclosure 3.  There is a cub hanging out in this tree!

cub in tree

Can you spot the cub in the tree? We’ve pointed it out for you.

Cubs in tree

Cubs often share the same tree.

Would you like to see them better?  Thank goodness for zoom lenses on cameras!

Cub condo

A “cub condo” in the tree.

Only one of the cubs in the Wild Enclosures was photographed on this day.  Happy Bear posed for this photo.


Happy Bear on a tree in his enclosure.

We never know from one day to the next which (if any) cubs will allow their pictures to be taken, but we’ll keep posting them as the curators are able to take them.