More About Cub #239 – Snowflake Bear

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We are very happy to report that Cub #239, Snowflake Bear, is hanging in there and is lapping the bear replacement formula eagerly every three hours.  She is only given 3 ounces of the formula, to avoid overloading her tiny stomach.  She might be compared to a preemie, except that she is almost a year old.  However, it would be dangerous for her to consume too much, too fast, so Curator Janet is being very careful not to give her too much.  Janet did manage to take a couple of photos of Snowflake in the Cub Nursery during her very brief visits to feed the fragile little bear.   We have hopes that she will survive and ultimately will thrive.  She must have an incredible will to live, to have survived so long at such a low weight.

Here is Snowflake as she looks today.  She has a stuffed animal for comfort.


Snowflake with a stuffed furry friend, Mother Bunny.


Snowflake laps the formula.

Snowflake eats

She consumes all of the formula at each feeding. This is a good sign.

We continue to think positive thoughts about this tiny cub, and to hope that the care she receives at ABR will save her life and give her the second chance she needs.