Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway in April

More Cub Photos – and a Baby Picture!

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Today we have some photos of the four cobs in the Wild Enclosure, and a special treat – a picture that was sent to us by someone who actually saw little Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway on the Blue Ridge Parkway in April, just before they were rescued and brought to ABR.  We very seldom see actual photos of the “before” rescue, so we were very glad to receive this one.  Look at it, and then look at the others and see how much the cubs have grown in the 3 months they have spent at ABR.

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway in April

Bonnie Blue and her brother Ridgeway in April.

It is amazing to see this photo of the two, lonely and scared little bears as they were found beside the highway.  Just a few minutes after this was taken, they were rescued by wildlife officers and subsequently taken to ABR.  If you have been following the cubs, you know that these two arrived at ABR on April 4th, when they were just 2 1/2 months old and weighed about 3 pounds each.

Look at Bonnie Blue now as she was photographed in the Wild Enclosure!

Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue is a healthy cub.

Ridgeway, too, has grown a lot in the past 3 months.


Ridgeway is another healthy cub.

Marvin was admitted to ABR a couple of weeks after Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway.  He is thriving in the Wild Enclosure.  In this photo he is seen eating a peanut. He is still smaller than the others, and it may be that he is just a smaller bear.  But as you can see, he looks good!


Marvin in July.

Finally, Carter Bear, who arrived in late June.  Carter is about the size of Marvin.  He has yet to socialize with the other cubs, preferring to stay high in a tree, but since the tree is shared by the other three cubs, they may all become friends eventually.  For now, Carter comes down to forage alone while the other 3 forage together at the same time.


Carter Bear in his favorite place – a tree.

Keep checking for further updates on our cubs – including the newest addition, Noli Bear, who is still in the Cub House.