Noli Bear

Breaking News – Cub #207!

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Curator Janet met Todd Weaver, a TWRA officer, at the UT Vet School on July 9th to receive our 207th cub.  She is a female who was rescued in the Nolichucky River, where she had been seen swimming alone near the rafts that frequent the river in summer.  She had actually climbed onto a raft and was taken to the USA Raft Company where they called the TWRA. At UT, she was examined and found to be extremely dehydrated and lethargic.  Fluids were administered, and she ate a few grapes before being transported back to the ABR facility.  She was healthy enough to go into the Cub House, to recover.  Because of where she was found, she is nicknamed Noli.

As we can readily see in this photo, Noli Bear was exhausted from her recent trauma.  She weighed in at 14.5 pounds, about the same as Marvin and Carter, and she is the same age (5 months) as the other cubs.

Noli Bear

Cub #207 Noli Bear rests at ABR.

When she has recuperated and gained strength she will join the other cubs in the Wild Enclosure.  We look forward to that day.