Making Friends

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Ever since Chicory and Sunflower were released into their respective Wild Enclosures, everyone has wondered when they would become a part of the cubby group that was already living there. We’re happy to say that first contact has been made in both cases!

In this image we can see all of the cubs in Enclosure #2 – the original five plus Sunflower. There were wrestling matches being held, and Sunflower watched from a close seat.
In Enclosure #1, Ferdinand, the “cow bear” touches noses with Chicory, the “mouse bear,” so called because of her very small size.

Nose-touching is a typical greeting from one cub or bear to another. Now that the first contacts have occurred, it won’t be long until these new little bears become partners in the cubby activities. Cubs are very receptive to other cubs, even from different families, so all of them will be best buds very soon. Watch this space.