Life in Enclosure #2

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There are six cubs now living in Wild Enclosure #2. Sunflower Bear has joined the group of five and they all seem to be getting along well. They have the freedom and opportunity to do their own things, on their own schedules.

The cubs had a meeting in the evening, just as the camera transitioned to night mode.
Sunflower is in the midst of the action.
After playing hard, the cubs flop down and sleep where they want, often together.
Sunflower (left) sleeps with the others.
It looks like the aftermath of a wild party.
Downy Bear is snoozing peacefully.
They don’t stay in one place. Now they’ve moved up to the platform.
Chickadee in the Firehose Hammock – is she sitting and thinking? Or is she falling asleep sitting up? She looks comfy.
Nothing like a late night snack of a peanut.
It’s daylight again, but the snoozing continues. The cubs can sleep whenever and wherever they choose.

It seems that all is well in Wild Enclosure #2. We’re glad that Sunflower has become a member of the tribe.