Enclosure #2 – Sunflower

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We posted about little Chicory in her Wild Enclosure #1, so now it’s time to show how Sunflower Bear made herself at home in Wild Enclosure #2. Sunflower was a bit bolder than Chicory had been, and went right in to check the amenities.

The current residents of Enclosure #2 – what a crew! Was Sunflower intimidated?
Not at all! Sunflower marched right up to the platform and tried it out.
Next, she investigated the Firehose Hammock. The other cubs kept their (social) distance.
Back to the platform she went.
Sunflower was trying everything. She even walked around the Cubby Pool.
After Sunflower moved on, two cubs played in the water. (The caption should read “Flicker and Chickadee Bear.”)

Leaving Enclosure #2 we travel to Enclosure #4, to find –

The calm and laid-back Sparks Bear. The yearling is doing what he does best – resting in his favorite spot on the platform in the shade.

Next up will be the transfer of the newest arrivals – Sassafras and Harlan into Wild Enclosure #3. We can’t wait!