How Are They Doing?

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Boomer is now out in Wild Enclosure #2, as we posted in two recent posts. Today, we’ll catch up with him and a couple of other cubs.

Marmalade Bear is still in Acclimation Pen #1, but she’ll be going out into Wild Enclosure #1 very soon.
Flicker Bear snoozes on the platform in Wild Enclosure #2.
Boomer has chosen another place to sleep. He has a nice daybed by a tree. He’s waking up from a nap.
It feels good to stretch when you wake up. If you’re a bear, you even stretch your tongue!
He gives a big yawn. Must have been sleeping pretty soundly!
Boomer is scratching at something. Hope he didn’t get bit by another insect.

It looks like all is well. Hope there is more to report next time.