Boomer’s Adventure – Part 2

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Today we continue the adventures of Boomer Bear, following his release into Wild Enclosure #2. We left him as he had climbed up a tree in the enclosure.

There were three witnesses to Boomer’s arrival – three of the cubs in the enclosure were in the next tree over. They showed an interest in the new cub.
Boomer was a little surprised, and quickly started to go back down.
On the way down, Boomer encountered Sunflower Bear. They surprised each other.
Boomer was a cub on a mission, so he didn’t hang around. He was off – “see ya later.”
Almost to the ground!
Boomer continued to look around, but he stayed close to the two trees.
He took time to fill his tummy.
Boomer climbed the other tree.
Oops! This tree seems to be taken.
Back down he went, to keep exploring the enclosure.
He spent the night sleeping in a tree.

And so Boomer Bear was introduced to Wild Enclosure #2. We are sure it won’t be long before he interacts with the six cubs who are already residing there. It will be fun to watch.