First the good news, although we stress that it is guarded good news. Carolina Bear is doing well at UTCVM. The doctors report that she has continued to gain weight (now 1.43 pounds) and she is strong and active.  She crawls all over her incubator, and though her eyes aren’t open yet, they will be soon. We are thrilled with this report, but remember that she is still very fragile and a neonate can suddenly take a turn for the worse. Our fingers are crossed, as the wildlife officers in several states are trying to find a surrogate mom for her.

She is growing!

As for the Drama – that is, of course, in Enclosures 3 & 4, and features the two odd yearlings, Twinkle and Tinsel. We say odd because they are behaving so differently from yearlings we’ve known before.

Guess what? The girls spent the night in the same tree!

In the morning, Twinkle had to visit her nemesis, The Forbidden Tree.

She didn’t attempt to climb, though, because the rain had made everything too slippery. So off she went.

Curator Cole closed the gate between the Wild Enclosures. The yearlings were down immediately to check on the change.

Something spooked them and they dashed for the nearest tree.

Tinsel went up first. Twinkle looked up at her.

Then Tinsel came down, and Twinkle climbed up!

Tinsel ran over to a taller tree!

And Twinkle made haste to follow her.

Such drama between the two yearlings! What will they do next? Stay tuned.