Carolina Bear, the neonate cub in the ICU at UTCVM, isn’t affected one way or another by the weather conditions. She is warm and dry in the incubator, with every need attended to. Today, the vets reported that she is gaining weight, albeit in very small increments, but every gram gained is a plus. Today she weighed 666 grams, up from 650 grams yesterday.

She has a particular bottle and nipple combination that she favors. She feeds well from that combo.

Twinkle and Tinsel, the yearlings, continue to carry on in their own inimitable fashion.

Each day begins with the “Who are you?” scenario. They act like the strangers they were at first meeting.

Twinkle checked out the tree that Tinsel had already climbed. Tinsel was at the top!

Twinkle decided to climb up the same tree.

Halfway up, she stopped to look straight at the camera. “Huh?”

This morning, the two girls had words.

Would you believe they shared the same den last night?

Feisty! It looks like Twinkle is yelling at Tinsel, but they were both very quiet. Tinsel, though, was sensible to retreat.

Of course, Twinkle had to visit The Forbidden Tree.

She started to climb – thus far and no farther!

Good try, Twinkle!

Despite their differences, the two girls spent most of the rainy day in close proximity in this tree, getting soggier by the minute!