After a few days together in their respective enclosures, it appears that all of the cubs are becoming friends. This is a good choice, since they will be spending a few months together until their releases back into the wild.Let’s take a look.

The lovely Caramel. She and her mates are friends now. She and her brother, Puddin’, have rekindled their sibling friendship, also.

The three of them hang out together on their platform.

Caramel and Turnip are bonding in a cubby way.

Puddin’, Sprout, and Cricket check out each other and the Swingy Ball.

Two of the formerly squished cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 chose to sleep in the tires of the Tire Bridge for extra room.

That gave the others a bit more room, too!

The curators are preparing Enclosure #4 for these cubs, to allow the trees and saplings a chance to recover.

Thumper is still the largest of them all!

Close friends, Doodlebug, Tater, and Nugget spent most of the day high in the trees, playfully swatting at each other.

We are glad that these cubby friendships are evolving so well. It will make for much more peaceful coexistence at ABR.