Labor Day was not a holiday at ABR. The cubs must continue their work to grow and gain weight! Just look how well they focused on their task!

Puddin’ Bear foraged to add to his bulk.

Cricket and Sprout were lollygagging – an important part of weight gain.

Tamale demonstrates how to snooze. That helps, too!

Next to him is Martha Washington. She is good at snoozing, too!

Doodlebug sitting up and eating to grow bigger.

Doodle, Nugget, and Tater snooze together very well.

No day off for the humans, either! Curator Cole was working in Wild Enclosure #4, to get it ready for those six rowdy cubs.

Curator Cole trimmed the grass by the fence, so it won’t short out the electricity.

A last look at three of the cubs, before we say “Happy Labor Day” to you!