Flying Sparks Bear

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What? Flying? Yes, Sparks Bear did fly (sort of) to get from one part of his platform to the other part. The tire bridge would accomplish that, but as you’ll see, Sparks did not trust it.

Sparks checks out the tire bridge a bit hesitantly.
He studies the unfamiliar bridge, testing the feel of the tire with his paw.
He pulls back, as if saying “No way!”
He resumes his previous position on the platform.
He flies! It was a giant leap for bearkind!
Reaching a tree some 6 feet away, Sparks descends.
He climbed up on the other side of the platform. Mission accomplished without the use of that strange contraption.

As for the cubs …..

What is going on in The Hartley House? A cub sleeping in the hammock on top of one of the cows? Another cub trying to move the bed?
And in the Red Roof Recovery Center, two sleepy sisters are quiet, for a while.

So now you know the story of the flying bear. And, as you can see, the cubs are fine. Everything is good at ABR.