Five Little Cubs

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We have photos of all the cubs today, the two in the Red Roof Recovery Center (Raven and her sister, Chickadee) and the three in The Hartley House (Ferdinand, Dumplin’ and Tweetsie). We’ll start with the two most recent arrivals.

The sisters slept in their “teepee.”
During the night they changed rooms, but still slept in a teepee.
Raven and Chickadee share breakfast.
Chickadee climbs to the top of the teepee/climby structure. Raven plays with a stick.
Follow the leader. Raven climbs up, too.
Raven climbs back down.

Over in The Hartley House:

The three cubs slept in some version of a cubby pile all night.
Tweetsie was the first one to check out their breakfast.

A few minutes later, Ferdinand joined her.
Then Dumplin’ arrived. Tweetsie was puzzled by the rock in the water bowl. It was placed by the curators to thwart the cubs’ innate desire to overturn water bowls.
After breakfast, the three cubs set off to make mischief of one kind or another.

When all five cubs are together, after the sisters are free of the ringworm fungus, we suspect that there will be much mischief, chaos, and mayhem! Watch this space.