Keeping Busy

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The cubs at ABR keep busy doing a number of things. Sometimes they are quiet (like when they sleep) but not too often.

Here they sleep to recharge their batteries after playing.
Closeup of Tweetsie. Doesn’t she look sweet and innocent?
Closeup of her brother Dumplin’. He is relaxed and asleep, also.
Ferdinand looks very snug in his spot under the climbing structure.
Naptime over. Cubs love to chew, scratch, and gnaw on wood. They also like to climb on the Firehose Hammock.
Ferdinand tries to undo the Firehose Hammock while Tweetsie and Dumplin’ try to move the large bear into their dining room.

Dumplin’ balances nicely while his sister works on demolition.
Ferdinand is in the next room. What is he plotting?

Another day with the three cubs in The Hartley House. There’s always something going on.