In each of the enclosures, the cubs are busy doing stuff. One of the major things they do is eat!

The frozen Beary Sauce Cake is popular with all the residents!

In the sunlight, Flapjack and Thumper have golden highlights in their black fur, making them look brown.

Six cubs gather at the formerly clear and pristine Cubby Pool. Soon we will have a batch of Cubby Broth!

Flapjack found a pear in the pool!

He has a plan, but the pear is slippery!

Puddin’ is intrigued by the Swingy Dinghy. How does it work?

Oops! It spills him out!

The Swingy Dinghy is good for food and fun in Wild Enclosure #1.

Woo-hoo! Ride that dinghy, cubs!

Doodlebug loves the Firehose Hammock as much as she loved the Firehose Swing in Hartley House!

She and her enclosure mates spend a lot of time in it.

But they must get back to chubbifying!

Doodle and Nugget sip the ever-popular Tire Water! Yum yum!

Sprout guards his favorite apple. There are plenty of apples throughout the enclosure, but this particular apple is HIS!