We have super-cute photos of our Easter cubs today. These are their intake photos, especially staged and enhanced for today.You will love them!

Peeps is the most recent arrival, and the smallest cub.

Daisy Mae and her brother, Duke, are from Kentucky. They were the first to arrive.

Jellybean, the largest cub, seems to have an attitude in this photo.

Peeps is the only cub still being bottle-fed. She doesn’t care for bear milk replacement formula, but we’ve been told that goat’s milk may be acceptable.

Meg, of Meg Blessings Farm Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Curator Katrina reached out to her and she offered goat’s milk for the cubs.

Dana Dodd at Meg’s Blessings Farm Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Elle and Glory Goat, who donated their milk for Peeps.

The curator prepares to feed Peeps Bear the goat’s milk.

Peeps is too small and wobbly to move to Hartley House as yet, but she does like the goat’s milk, and she is practicing her climbing skills.

She is doing well and making progress.

Daisy Mae and Duke play and wreck everything in sight.

Jellybean loves to eat! Good cubby!

Tinsel and Twinkle visited the Forbidden Tree.

Tinsel though she could climb it.

Tinsel found out that she couldn’t climb it. Twinkle probably said “I told you so.”

The two girls went their separate ways.

Naked Easter eggs.

Decorating supplies.

Colorful Easter eggs, with names of bears and staff. Ready to be made into deviled eggs.

Members of the ABR Toy Brigade, with the basket of Easter eggs and a wish for a Happy Easter to all ABR friends!