The sibling cubs, Daisy Mae and Duke, were literally climbing the walls in their pen in Hartley House, so it was time to let them out into the larger room.

This behavior told the curators it was time to let them have access to the large room.

Curators Haley and Katrina brought some “cubby furniture” for them.

The pen was wheeled into the corridor so the decorating could begin.

The room is ready to be decorated.

A transformation took place!

The cubs are back, and there are toys for them!

The cubs sniffed everything.

They stopped to have a snack.

Sniffing resumed. They will check every inch of their new digs.

Jellybean is next door. He slept by his ball.

Jellybean has a good appetite. Soon, he will meet the siblings.

Peeps is doing well in The Cub Nursery. She is the smallest of the four cubs.

Peeps still needs to be bottle-fed.

But the curators put down a “lick mat,” smeared with food that she can lick up when she wants, to get her used to eating when she wants to, on her own.

In Enclosure 3, Twinkle visits The Forbidden Tree, but didn’t try to climb.

The two yearlings played with the Swingy Ball. They are having fun!

It is nice to eat and rest at the same time.

They are using the resting platforms more, and seem to enjoy snoozing in the sunshine.