The month of April is when many sows bring their new cubs out of the den for the first time. The cubs ABR is caring for were orphaned too early. We are sorry, but will try our best to make up for the absence of their mother.

Daisy Mae and Duke, the first to arrive, love to play (and wreck their room).

When they get tired, they flop down to sleep together.

They play for hours, and at all hours of the day and night.

Room Service (curators) deliver food and clean up the messes.

While the room is cleaned, the cubs are in the room next door.

It’s clean for now. Probably not for long, though!

Jellybean likes to roll a ball around.

He, too, gets tired and must recharge his batteries.

He is pretty sure-footed but not coordinated enough to climb to the top of his structure without falling off. He’s practicing!

Peeps sleeps a lot in her cubby cave.

Room Service visits her, too. She is still being bottle fed, but the lick mat will encourage her to do some self-feeding.

See how shiny her room is now!

Peeps is so small she looks like one of the Toy Brigade. She is not as strong and can plop over at any moment. It’s only a matter of time, though.

What is this? A strange creature is on the resting platform, while Twinkle and Tinsel are up in trees. Let’s take a closer look –

It’s a new bear species! In honor of the day, we named it Ursus Turkeyanus Sloof Lirpa. (Get it? Hahaha!)