ABR is now the temporary home to two COYs (Cubs Of the Year) and two yearlings. The latter two won’t be with us for much longer; when natural food is available in the wild, they will be released.

We have photos to share from the UTCVM examination of our new babies – Daisy Mae and Duke Bear.

Here they are, on the way to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Both cubs got a thorough checkup.

UTCVM student, Monica Lee holds Daisy Mae Bear.

Curator Haley places a small bowl of formula in front of Duke, to see if he will lap it up.


The bottle was acceptable. (Later, he did start to lap from a bowl.)

Dr. Cushing examines Daisy Mae.

The cubs had a good night in The ABR Cub Nursery. They ate and slept well.

There is a Cubby Cave for each of them to use.

They chose to sleep separately.

Meanwhile, outside, yearlings Twinkle and Tinsel chose to sleep on a ground nest they made. They will likely do this when they are released.

The ground nest is tucked away in the brush.

In the morning the two girls foraged and played together. They are doing very well and will soon be ready to return to their wild home.

Stay tuned for further developments!