Hyperphagia is Still With Us!

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The feeding frenzy of fall, scientifically called hyperphagia is apparently still going strong! Often, it is expected that by this time of the year the feeding frenzy has ended, but our cubs haven’t heard the announcement or read the memo. They are still eating as if they can’t ever get filled up! And, unsurprisingly, they are getting fatter and chonkier every day!

The cubs in Wild Enclosure #1 forage for hours on peanuts, acorns, and chestnuts. Even on a rainy day like today, the eating continues.

Yearling Heather is doing the same thing – and she has all the food in her enclosure to herself!

Here we can see Heather (yellow arrow) as well as the cubs next door (red arrows). Everyone is foraging and eating (and getting fatter).

The girls in Wild Enclosure #4 were foraging. This was yesterday, before the rain. Today, they actually stayed up in the trees.

Taco and Myrtle Bear were still working things out before the rain started.


And then there is Nettles Bear in the Hartley House. As we saw yesterday, Nettles suddenly changed from a very calm, quiet little cub to a whirlwind of activity. Although the photo below shows her sleeping with her Not-a-Polar-Bear, a few minutes later she shoved N-A-P-B out of bed!

Nettles is definitely larger than she was when she came to ABR. She has put on weight, although we won’t know how much until she is weighed when she is released into one of the Wild Enclosures. Stay tuned!