The four cubs who arrived with injuries are now successfully matched with roommates, which hopefully will make their captivity less stressful.

Puff and SuBearu seem to be getting along well. In fact, when they are separated briefly to receive their medications, they fuss until reunited!

Here they are, snuggled up for a nap with NAPB!

Tots and Jackie P have access to the Acclimation Pen  and spent a rainy night outside.

But eventually they came in the dry Hartley House room for a nap.

The first trio (Daisy Mae, Duke, and Jellybean) were out foraging.

They worked on their demolition project.

Rain sent them to the base of a tree. The other trio (Peeps, Shadow, and Casper) scurried up a tall tree and weren’t available for photos this time.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!