We have pictures of cubs in new digs and with new roommates today.

Jackie P had spent some time in The Cub House, but he was moved into Hartley House to join Tots.

Now Tots and Jackie P. are sharing Room #3 and the Acclimation Pen. They are tolerating each other.

They are the same age, but as we can see, Tots is much bigger!

SuBearu has had a tough time. It is hoped that having a friend will help.

SuBearu and Puff share Rooms #1 and #2 in Hartley House.

Since they are both convalescing, they will hopefully help each other to adjust and get well.

The trio has made a discovery – The Tire Bridge!

They have also discovered the fun of tearing up the firehose bumpers.

Jellybean is arguably the largest cub of all, though they are the same age!

It’s a wild bunch in Enclosure 4 – they play all night and eat whenever they feel like it!

Peeps, Casper, and Shadow are learning to be bears.

They have discovered their pool. Do they know that black bears are good swimmers?

Guess they do know – they jumped right in!

A nice nap is good after a swim!