The first trio came down from their tree to spend the night on the resting platform.

We aren’t sure which cub is displaying such a long tongue, but it’s impressive! Bears have long tongues, the better to scoop up  the insects they love to eat.

It took them a while to actually be up and ready to go. We can relate!

A bite may be a motivator (or not).

Looking up at the tree, they may be trying to decide whether to climb or not.

Decision made – let’s climb! They then spent a couple hours up high.

Roommates Puff and SuBearu slept well.

They are doing well together. The camera exaggerates her small size, though she is a small cub.

When SuBearu was moved to take her meds, Puff missed her.

In another room of Hartley House, Jackie P and Tots hurry outside.

They rest on their platform in the Acclimation Pen.

Peeps and her friends were not seen much today.

Two of the three cubs are hiding in the shadows of the trees.

All three disappeared suddenly. With their black fur they easily melt into the shadows.

Back in Enclosure #1, the trio came down from the tree and headed for the Cubby Pool.

Just like kids, the cubs were soon in a frenzy of splashing and playing.

And then it was naptime!