Two More Cubs!

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It’s been a busy couple of days at ABR, and our cubby population has grown to 12 cubs-of-the-year, each one 5 months old!

Cub #313, nicknamed Sassafras Bear, is a TN cub from Unicoi County. She weighed 10.56 pounds when she was examined at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine, and is in good health. She was housed in The Hartley House very briefly, but when she showed determination to climb high, she was moved out into Acclimation Pen #1, where she can climb on the structures and on the sides of the pen. After she finishes her worm medicine, Sassafras will be out in a wild enclosure.

Here is Sassafras Bear as she arrived at ABR.

A few hours later, KY Wildlife Officer Tristan Currie brought an orphaned cub to ABR. This one is a male C.O.Y. (cub-of-the-year) who is the same age as the other cubs in residence – 5 months old. He weighed 13.2 pounds and is healthy except for an abundance of ticks and slight anemia, probably due to the tick infestation. The ticks were manually removed and a topical tick prevention treatment and an iron injection were given to him.

Cub #314 is nicknamed Harlan Bear. He is now residing in Acclimation Pen #2 until he is rid of the worms, and then he will be outdoors in a wild enclosure.

Cub #314 Harlan Bear being checked at the UTCVM.

It seems that our year is getting busier each week. Our current population is 12 C.O.Y.s and 1 yearling. Stay tuned.