Hyperphagia is the scientific term for the phase in a bear’s life when they eat and drink virtually 24/7 as they prepare for their winter’s sleep, when they will not eat at all. Our cubs don’t  know it yet, since they haven’t been through it before, but their bodies are getting ready.

They are looking healthy and slightly plump, but just wait! We ain’t seen nothing yet!

Doodlebug, Tater, and Nugget sprawl on their platform to sleep.

Tater is the smallest of the three.

Tater and Doodlebug bonded during their time in the Hartley House. They are best buds!

Cricket, Sprout, Puddin’, Caramel, and Turnip forage together, but keep their distance. They are still working out their social relationships.

The six cubs in Enclosure #4, who just moved from  #3, are doing very well. They seem to enjoy the lush greenery of their new enclosure.

Stay tuned to see how the cubs respond to hyperphagia and their need to eat and eat and eat!