Twinkle and Tinsel are still in the friendly mode that we saw yesterday. The weather is warm, which may (or may not) have something to do with it. The curators are glad to see that the two yearlings are finally using the Resting Platforms.

Tinsel was on the platform for a long time.

Then, Twinkle joined her.

They played the ever-popular bear game, “Bitey-Face.”

Another popular game is “Whack-a-Bear.” They played that one, too.

Touching noses is a bear’s version of shaking hands or a friendly greeting.

We haven’t a clue what prompted this change of heart, but we are glad that they became friends at last!

Partytime! After dark the yearlings wrestled and chased each other.

Twinkle found a delightful stick, and like many before her, she used it as a flute.

They caroused through the night. Tinsel was the first to crawl into bed.

They slept late. It’s no wonder that Twinkle looks so sleepy at 9:22 AM!