The relationship between the two yearlings has taken a surprise twist. We have watched as they each went their own way and only got together, sometimes, to sleep in a den at night. All of a sudden, whether the fact that there is spring in the air, or who-knows-what, they are behaving like pals!

Exhibit A – Wrestling! We have never seen this before, but the two girls were wrestling!

Exhibit B – friendly behavior!

They chased one another up trees!

Normal yearling play – Tinsel is balancing on the support for the Swingy Ball so she can swat at Twinkle!

After all this time, They have decided to use the resting platforms in both of their enclosures!

It makes us wonder – who are these little bears, and where did they come from. What happened to the two cantankerous bears that were here?

They shared this den last night, but they have done that before.

Now what? Tinsel comes to The Forbidden Tree,as Twinkle approaches from a different angle.

Has Tinsel fallen under the spell of The Forbidden Tree?

After ignoring it for months, she seems to have joined the Sisterhood of The Forbidden Tree!

Twinkle wonders what is going on. But she doesn’t get mad at Tinsel.

Off they go together. Both yearlings have been foiled by The Forbidden Tree!

Are you curious about what will happen next? So are we! Watch this space!