Ever since Carter entered the Wild Enclosure, he has been keeping to himself.  He spends most of the time in his tree, coming down to forage alone and not mingling with the other 3 cubs.  The curators had hoped that cub camaraderie would occur, as usually happens when orphaned cubs are in an enclosure together.  A few days ago, Carter and Bonnie Blue met – but it wasn’t the kind of meeting that the curators expected or hoped for.  Luckily it happened right after the second feeding, and the curator was able to capture this sequence on video.  Watch it, and you’ll see some good examples of bear behavior.  Listen for the huffing and clacking sounds that convey stress.  These are the same sounds that an adult bear would make if he/she felt uncomfortable or stressed.  Click here to watch how Carter Bear, despite his small size, is able to defend his space.