Bowl-A-Rama – continued

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Our last post showed how the curators were getting the cubs ready for their upcoming move out of the Hartley House and into a Wild Enclosure. We continue…..

After a lot of fussing, arguing, and downright fighting over this bowl and that bowl, we now see that each cub has his own bowl – at least for a moment.

It’s unusual, to say the least. How long will this last?

Two of the cubs are distracted by something going on next door, so the third cub uses the opportunity to eat from his chosen bowl.

What’s this? A curator slipped honey logs into the next room. There were more than enough for 3 cubs.

Something else to amuse the trio – a culvert!

Curious cubs want to know – what is this thing?

One brave cub ventures inside.

Uh-oh! Where did he go?

He emerges from the other end. Question answered.

Little do they know it, but this is Wild Enclosure #3, all ready for the threesome!

Keep watching to see what happens next!