Bowl-a-Rama, Cub Style

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To make things more interesting in Hartley House, the curators have portioned out the food into multiple bowls and placed them through the rooms, adding some fruits in “odd places” as well to encourage foraging.

The three boys enjoy the outdoors as well as the indoors areas.

Note: there is one extra bowl, plus the strawberries on top of the culvert den.

Here they come! The cubs enter the room to find their food.

Of course, the “best” bowl is the one that another bear is eating from.

Invariably, fisticuffs follow.

Amazing! Each bear heads to a different bowl!

Not quite. Pummeling commences.

A few moments of peace. Look at that – two cubs share the same bowl without fighting!

The cubs circle the room, going from bowl to bowl to check the contents of each.

One cub for each bowl! Another amazing moment!

In our next post we’ll continue the story of the Bowl-a-Rama and what follows. Be sure to check back. It won’t be long before the cubs will be deemed ready for their Wild Enclosure!