They’re Out!

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Yes, it’s true – the three, four-month-old male bear cubs at ABR are now out of the Hartley House and into Wild Enclosure #3! This is where they will spend the rest of their time until their release back into the wild in a few months. Here is how the move played out.

Curators Quanah and Tom used a catch pole to grab the cubs and place them into carriers.

The cubs were not happy. There was a lot of “cubby cussing” to show their displeasure.

Their destination was the Acclimation Pen for Wild Enclosure #3.

When they reached the Acclimation Pen there was more cussing!

Little did they know it, but this was a good move for them.

One cub was stuck in the back of his carrier and needed a tap to get him out.

Bourbon Bear quickly climbed up the wall of the pen.

Then he raced off to join the others.

All three climbed up to the resting platform. The open gate beckoned.

Brave little Barley was the first cub to go out. He was out, then back in, then out again.

Barley recruited his friends to join him outside.

Finally, everyone was out in the Wild Enclosure. Now the fun begins!