Come to the Mountain Hoedown!

ABR will host a dinner with the theme “Mountain Hoedown,” on Saturday October 16th at the Gatlinburg Convention Center in
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Two bear buddies

Several releases have occurred recently, leaving ABR with just two young bears at the present time.  RA, who was admitted
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Release of park bear

It's heavy! It’s always gratifying when one of “our” bear cubs is ready for release into its wild habitat.  On
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Orientation for new volunteers

On August 21st, a meeting for new volunteers was held at the newly-opened Picnic Pantry in Townsend, TN.  We are
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Another reason to be careful of your trash

A 6-month-old cub in Florida, searching with its mother and sibling for easy food in unsecured garbage containers, had the
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We get questions

We receive questions from many individuals who have bear questions or problems.  Recently, a woman in western NC wrote to
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