Kids Help ABR

ABR education volunteers have been visiting area schools, giving classes an opportunity to “Adopt a Cub” and learn about bears.   Those
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2 Cubs Leave, 2 Cubs Arrive

Just last week, the 2 Louisiana cubs that have been at Appalachian Bear Rescue since March went back home.  Louisiana wildlife officers performed
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Louisiana Cub Coming to ABR

This article relates the story of a very small orphaned cub, found in Louisiana, that is soon to be on
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Just Plain Stupid

I came across an article about a lawsuit filed by a man who thinks they should have a constitutional right
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Now we have 14!

In late September, a black bear sow was killed in a collision with a vehicle just inside the Great Smoky Mountains National
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Bear Damage – Photos!

A while back I mentioned a Yosemite National Park employee, Jeffrey Trust, who has a passion for bears.  He recently
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