Big Day for Little Cubs!

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We’ve watched Hops, Barley, and Bourbon Bear as they take advantage of the amenities within Hartley House, including the newest addition – the Pool Room. Now the curators have decided it is time to introduce them to an extension of their space, and time for them to begin to see the outdoors! These little cubs have never been outside!

The curators have been busy fixing up the Acclimation Pen that is attached to Hartley House.

All is ready – just waiting for the cubs. Where are they?

They are taking a nice, long nap!

Barley Bear was the first cub to get up and go into the Pool Room, where he spied the open door.

Barley, with a cub’s typical curiosity, goes out the door.

Hops and Bourbon are not far behind.

Barley Bear has a taste of the Great Outdoors!

Everything is new, strange, and a little bit scary. But the grapes are familiar.

Brave little Barley ventures down the ramp into the Acclimation Pen.

The three cubs find the grapes. Yum!

Now the next phase of their lives at ABR begin. There will be more fun and games, chaos and mayhem to follow. Of that we are sure – stay tuned!