The Cubs’ Big Day, Part 2

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In the last post we shared the introduction to the Acclimation Pen (aka the Outside) where the three cubs can smell, see, and feel what it’s like to be out of a building for the first time in their young lives. Even though they are still confined in the pen, they’re able to feel a part of the natural surroundings, and the structures that are added to the Acclimation Pen give them many opportunities to explore.

We saw Barley being the first cub to venture out, with the other two following closely. Hops was the first to cross the “bridge” to a new part of the pen.

Hops went clear across to the other platform!

The three cubs are big little bears now!

As they explored the new space, there were times when one of them dangled. Good way to build muscles!


Here are two dangling cubs. These planks are different from what they were used to.

The cubs have a meeting to plan what is next.

They made it down to the climby thing.

Something startled the cubs and they scooted back into their familiar room.

It was a big day for little bears!

Their napping gave the curators the chance to clean the other rooms.

Their lives continue to get more varied and more interesting (and sometimes, a little bit more scary). We’ll keep following their adventures as they learn about the Acclimation Pen and what it’s like to be outdoors. Keep checking.