3 Cubs+1 Ball

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In their constant attempts to keep the cubbies entertained and their minds and bodies stimulated, the curators try many different techniques and tricks. For example, Curator Janet tried adding some new things to the Cubby Pool in the Pool Room. Let’s see what happened.

Curator Janet added grapes (a favorite treat) to the pool, plus a medium-sized ball.
Two cubs enter. One goes straight for the grapes, while the other one studies the ceiling.
He leaned back so far, it looked as though he’d fall backwards. We have no idea what was so interesting up above.
Both cubs are puzzled by the ball. What is that?
The grapes are gone. What is this big thing?
This is mine! Maybe I can eat it!
No! Hops disagrees. He takes possession of the ball.
Barley stands to object. Bourbon sits and waits for his chance.
The ball intrigues all three cubs.
What do YOU want?
Bam! Whomp!
Bourbon makes his move and claims the ball.
Enough of that – let’s go and eat!

It’s easy to see how the curators’ creativity is helping the cubs develop. Their natural curiosity plays a big part in their learning, and the curators’ “tricks” encourage them to explore, try new things, and grow.