The two yearlings who have shared Wild Enclosure #2 and have carefully maintained distance from each other have suddenly become friends! As you may remember, the male cub, Townsend, and the female cub, HoneyBunny have not engaged in foraging together or any other interactions. But that seems to have changed!

HoneyBunny walked on the platform, while Townie observed from the corner (thank you, arrow!).

HoneyBunny sat down, and Townsend approached.

After a few minutes, they actually touched noses! This is a common friendly bear greeting.

After dark, HoneyBunny decided to go down and forage.

The two cubs foraged together.

Then, they played together under the trees!

They chased each other around the tree trunk.

Playing a game of bear tag!

The two cubs had fun! Then they went to different areas in their enclosure to sleep. Will they continue to be friends and play together? Stay tuned to find out.

Meanwhile, in Hartley House, the members of the rowdy cub quartet are staying active. They are identified by their initials.

Tamale, the smallest, is the peskiest. He is trying to get the largest cub, Thumper, to play with him. Flapjack and Burrito are digging through the cedar chips.

And in the Recovery Center:

Doodlebug is doing well since her move into larger quarters. She is eating her food, snacking from her honey log, and playing with her toys.

She lies on her back, showing that her tummy has healed well. She is making good progress!

We are happy with this update on all the bears.