We celebrate every month as a Cubby Birthday, because for these little bears, each month IS an event worthy of celebration! Had they not come to ABR, most of these little cubs and yearlings would not have lived to mark these special days. The “official” birthdate for bears who come to ABR is January 22nd, so today we celebrate the  16th month birthday of our four yearlings, and the 4th month birthday of our five cubs. Here they are.

Lovey Bear is 16 months old!

HRH Rover Bear is 16 months old!

Townsend (Townie) Bear is 16 months old!

HoneyBunny Bear is 16 months old!

The four rowdy boy cubs are 4 months old!

Our smallest, petite Doodlebug Bear is 4 months old. She took three toys, one at a time, into the corner with her. A big accomplishment!

To celebrate, Exec. Director Dana made Birthday Sauce from various fresh fruits. Curator Cole created blackberry-yogurt-honey sundaes and provided honey logs for the smallest cubs. The yearlings got apples, pears, and whole berries! Yum! Happy Birthday Bears!

And we wish a happy birthday to all bears, wherever you are!